REALTOR Social Marketing

SEO Meets Social Connectivity

Have your Twitter Facebook my Wordpress and I'll blog about your LinkedIn GooglePlaces account...

The world of search engine optimization and social networking for real estate can be sort of confounding for some, but have no fear - your real estate technology leaders at Tour Real Estate are well versed in social-ese and can help you understand how to harness social networks, blogs and search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your listings!

Ready to Get Started?
We can setup blogs, social media profiles to help get you started! This is service in addition to our regular great real estate websites; we even offer training for our regular TourRE website clients! If you are interested in knowing more about what the plan entails click this link to learn more about Real Estate Social Media.

Did You Know?
Our standard REALTOR® website templates come with the ability to easily add your social network links to your website, display your Twitter feed, display your blog, generate QR codes for your listings, and create graphical Craigslist ads... IT'S TRUE!