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"Thank you for assisting me with my website. My clients Scott & Jolene Lincoln are just thrilled with how easy it is to use and they especially love the comparables option that allows them to pull up a group of listings in their favorites and see how they match up." - Carmel Crock

"Thank you TourRE for the many great design options within our website. The website is easy to use and when we need your help, your willingness, expertise and guidance makes our experience so much better.  Thank you!" - Cindie Stacy

"Tour Real Estate has designed three websites for our company, each of them powered by an incredibly useful, user-friendly toolbox that we can maintain in-house. The power of these toolboxes, in regards to website administration, SEO, and design capabilities, cannot be overstated. Great service and reasonably priced, too!"
- Katy Schaff

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Tour Real Estate is a premier full service web site and virtual tour provider for the real estate industry. We provide the very best Internet technology solutions through our comprehensive package of web functions. It is our priority to make the Realtor’s web sites easy for customers to navigate, search for homes, learn more about the area to which they are relocating, and contact the agent.
The Internet has revolutionized the way people search for and find homes. Today over 80% of homebuyers use web sites to look for a new house. To reach this market you need to be online; you need the tools your customers are looking for. We deliver this technology in an easy to use, affordable, method to all progressive Realtors and Builders who want to make a trip to their web site truly a virtual experience.
Tour Real Estate provides the Idaho Real Estate and Construction industries with template websites and custom web design, virtual tours, and print marketing materials. We offer the best in Boise Web Design, and proudly serve the web design needs of Idaho and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a small web design job to showcase a new development, need a template website bundled with all of TourRE's powerful functionality, or a fully custom website - we can design it for you.

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Ready for Winter? Is your business?

Winter has always been a little bit slower paced for real estate. People are generally busy getting ready for the holidays and budgets tend to run a little tighter. Rather than sit it out practicing your Maytag Man impersonation the slower months in Winter are an ideal time to keep your game sharp.

Here’s some tips on making that happen:

Play Catchup.
Organize files, clean that bottom drawer, comb the database, unsubscribe to spam, defrag your hard drive…Sounds like a blast doesn’t it?! Fact is these are all day to day drudgeries we put off that tend to build up and kill productivity – so take the time.

Get In Touch.
Get in touch with past clients – hey, the holidays are all about cards from people you haven’t talked to all year, so make one of them yours! Get in touch with your market too – review data and study trends. Get in touch with your media – if you’re going to be spending all that time crushing candy on Facebook you could just as easily be engaging your audience and building a following to help jump start your Spring.

Update All the Things!
This means that agent photo you took when you passed CE. This also means updating old text on your bios and taking a look at your website as well. Chances are there have been some new features or tools released that you can make use of to leverage a better position online.

Play Price is Right.
Winter time sales can be tough, so it’s all about nailing that right price and making things perfect for prospective buyers. Take a little more time, or even expense, and get listings looking great – even consider house staging to help seal the deal.

Plan to Be Awesome.
Being amazing doesn’t just happen. If you do nothing else spend some time taking a look at this past years success, focus only on the good, and then put that down as part of your plan for the coming year. Planning is essential to success, so make sure you take the time to look forward and decide where you want your path to lead.

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