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"Thank you for assisting me with my website. My clients Scott & Jolene Lincoln are just thrilled with how easy it is to use and they especially love the comparables option that allows them to pull up a group of listings in their favorites and see how they match up." - Carmel Crock

"Thank you TourRE for the many great design options within our website. The website is easy to use and when we need your help, your willingness, expertise and guidance makes our experience so much better.  Thank you!" - Cindie Stacy

"Tour Real Estate has designed three websites for our company, each of them powered by an incredibly useful, user-friendly toolbox that we can maintain in-house. The power of these toolboxes, in regards to website administration, SEO, and design capabilities, cannot be overstated. Great service and reasonably priced, too!"
- Katy Schaff

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Tour Real Estate is a premier full service web site and virtual tour provider for the real estate industry. We provide the very best Internet technology solutions through our comprehensive package of web functions. It is our priority to make the Realtor’s web sites easy for customers to navigate, search for homes, learn more about the area to which they are relocating, and contact the agent.
The Internet has revolutionized the way people search for and find homes. Today over 80% of homebuyers use web sites to look for a new house. To reach this market you need to be online; you need the tools your customers are looking for. We deliver this technology in an easy to use, affordable, method to all progressive Realtors and Builders who want to make a trip to their web site truly a virtual experience.
Tour Real Estate provides the Idaho Real Estate and Construction industries with template websites and custom web design, virtual tours, and print marketing materials. We offer the best in Boise Web Design, and proudly serve the web design needs of Idaho and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a small web design job to showcase a new development, need a template website bundled with all of TourRE's powerful functionality, or a fully custom website - we can design it for you.

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REALTORS: Reasons Why Your Social Media Falls Flat


Social media social media social media – boy it sure it a hot topic these days isn’t it?! Guru’s and mavens popping up left and right, all experts – as of this month – in the great unquantifiable thing that is the silver bullet to kill your marketing monster.

We apologize for all of them. Fact is though social media is one of the most cost effective ways for you to get the word out about your services – especially if you’re bold enough to take it on yourself. To help you towards your goals we’ve put together  a quick list of common mistakes for the medium; feel free to pass them along to your page manager, guru, samurai, jedi WHATEVER they call themselves as they are likely making the same mistakes.

Not having a goal.
It’s hard to hit the mark if you don’t even have a target. Make sure before you begin your journey in social networking, or hire a ‘professional’, that you have an actual goal in mind. Whether it be simply getting more visibility, getting more sales, or increasing traffic to your website. It’s a lot easier to know if you’re getting there if you have an idea where there is.

Not using social media.
Kind of mind blowing isn’t it?! But if you’re not actually USING the platform how can you expect it to DO anything? Go to the store, buy some eggs, take them home and put them on the counter – now sit there and stare them and berate them for not becoming an omelet. Let us know how that turns out – same thing in social media.

Not understanding likes don’t equal sales.
Visibility is GREAT! People liking your stuff makes you feel happy and fuzzy warm that you’re LIKED….but it doesn’t sell a single unit. And if you’re expecting it to, you may want to refocus your overall marketing plan. Social media advertising is NOT like the advertising agencies of old. Marketing here doesn’t always equal sales, but it can build the relationships that drive sales and improve customer service.

Not shutting up.
B-But…you…you said I needed to post a lot in one of those other blog entries! Actually, I said you need to post consistently; there is a difference, but that’s not the point to this item. The one most common mistake users of social media make is only talking about themselves or their product. People are hit with thousands of pieces of advertising every day. I can assure you not one single potential customer wakes up in the morning looking forward to being spammed or advertised to.

Be sure to diversify your content, don’t just make it about you or your product. Mix in other inspirational, humorous, or interesting information. Be absolutely certain you answer and interact with every single fan that takes THEIR time to engage with your digital presence. There are a billion faceless companies they can look up if they are wanting anything less.

Not being consistent.
Mentioned this above, so this point will be quick. Setting it and forgetting it only works if you’re using one of those rotating ovens. When you post consistently you not only can more easily target your audience but you also are creating momentum for better exposure.

Not focusing.
Trying to do it all is the best way to fail at everything. Pick the social media platforms that best fit your marketing plans and your ability to manage. There is no value to being on 100 social platforms if you are only actively updating two of them. Nothing is more embarrassing to a page owner or disappointing to a visitor than getting to a page or profile and seeing ” Last Updated June 2011″.

You guys are big meanies!
Well…I guess you might think that, but really we just want to help you build real success through social media. Nay-sayers and smoke blowers are killing the industry; many professionals are beginning to simply opt out of it all together. We think that’s a real missed opportunity! Have questions about social media, your real estate website, or how to best use them altogether? We’re glad to help!

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